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2002 Honda Accord Red

  • Publish Date: 01-19-2023 15:50:04 |
  • Contact: Patrick Fox |
  • Location: Tulsa 74023 |
  • Place: Cushing Ok |
  • 71 times displayed |
2002 Honda Accord Red2002 Honda Accord Red
(Patrick Fox), price: $2,000 ,phone:1-918-399-3908
This 2002 Honda Accord has an automatic transmission, it runs good and is well maintained. Drives anywhere taken many city trips in it ... always ran good aside from a replaced alternator nothing has broken down ,no service engine lights are on and fluids were all flushed refilled and serviced. Heat and air works great and tires are in good shape... Great car for work or school and daily driving... .

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