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Curtain Wall Systems

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Curtain Wall Systems

Commercial & Residentials Glaze Curtain Wall Solutions

We are bonded, licensed, and insured curtain wall installers and glass facade fabricators in NY, NJ, CT

We have an extensive experience in designing, building and installing everything from glass facade window walls, curtain walls and storefronts to entrance aluminum and glass doors and all-glass railings – on projects ranging from a single door to tens of thousands of square feet of glass – we have the knowledge to address virtually every commercial, industrial and residential glass need. Our glass wall installers and window wall fabricators are among the best in the region.

Commercial & Industrial Curtain Window Walls

A curtain wall is the glass outer layer or facade on a commercial or industrial building. Curtain wall systems protect the exterior of a building from the elements. A grid in the facade, also known as the mullion, determines how the glass fits into the wall. Glass curtain walls help natural light enter buildings, which makes them more energy efficient.

Glaze curtain walls use specially glazed glass, providing an esthetically pleasing exterior or interior for your office building. Curtain walls have been used in commercial buildings for a long time, especially in New York City.

Exterior and Interior Glass Curtain Walls

Placing a curtain wall on the exterior of New York or New Jersey commercial or industrial building is now a common practice. Recently, though, curtain window walls also have been used in some industrial and residential construction. Being highly adaptable, curtain window wall and interior glaze curtain wall can be custom-made to fit almost any type of building. They match most modern home and commercial building designs.

In addition to exterior window wall applications, a glaze curtain wall installation can also be placed inside an office setting. This type of system has outside glass walls that are opaque. The interior is lined with glazed curtain walls. Glaze curtain walls are easily adaptable and require low maintenance.

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