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I in a1000000

  • Publish Date: 05-17-2018 01:04:56 |
  • Contact: Chuck&Wendi Bruce |
  • Location: West Virginia |
  • 109 times displayed |
I in a1000000

With work ethics that go above and beyond, we're a couple seeking to trade our labor skills, consisting of hard physical labor and a spotless, nook n cranny clean..inside and out, for a small secluded and wooded piece of the wild n wonderful land!!

Chuck can provide lawn n farm care, home and farm maintenance, strong constructive skills n demolition. He paints n has knowledge to pressure~wash, providing a deep industrial clean with a wide variety of home improvement skills. Chuck is mechanically inclined, open to provide needed measures to beautify your land and home n motivated with a healthy stamina to get things done!

Wendi is meticulous with scrub brushes, cleaning rags n steel wool. She has an eye, like an inner 'need', to add sparkle and shine to family's home's. A desire to provide, to help, to establish a clean n healthy environment to those who she's blessed to have in her life, always willing to just make someone's life easier, from help with personal hygeine to positive conversations to completing daily household chores. She's a deep~fried, beef searing, sweet tea makin southern~belle who shares a smile n apparent appreciation for being gifted a beginning of a brand~new day.

We both live simple, giving to mother~nature rather than taking. We're thoughtful n leave as light of a carbon~print as possible. Our needs are simple, as are our wants. We simply want to be deeded a little piece of property, even as small as an acre would be proficient, that will provide to us a small dwelling n a desire to feed n be fed by the natural vitamins of the land. Pointing our rocking chairs to the left with a bird's~eye view of a natural landscape we can call our own.

We want to provide our physical, general labor and more for up to one full year for the deed to a secluded, wooded 1 acre tract of land and just the minimal amount of currency to provide the simple necessities of living. We're willing to sign n uphold a legally binding contract describing our services rendered and the compensation of our duties dedicated to you.

A contract entailing 1 full year, 5 days a week with 6 hours of the day providing wanted n needed services to your property n personal improvement and 400 dollars a month of currency to provide our minimal personal necessities for a 1 acre wooded piece of secluded property deeded to us for services rendered. We're willing, after the contract is drawn n signed, to work a two~week grace period, giving each of us the option of stepping down if expectations aren't obtainable with the security of $200 a piece to compensate for the work provided within those two~weeks.

Providing we're all satisfied, things are moving along, then all of a sudden the contract is broken, it'll be stipulated that if its on your part, we'll be compensated $200 a week for each of us for the work provided from the date that the two week grace period was established to the time of the breech. If we breech, we'll provide two weeks of free work to establish any incomplete projects or even complete a list of your needs to be met before we go.

We will not cut, remove or add anything to the granted property, other than our removable dwelling, consisting of maybe a simple thrown together hut, until the contracted expectations are met.

Chuck is a handy~man, offering general labor of home improvements, daily maintenence n such throughout the devoted year . This excludes any new structures to be developed or even old ones completely remodeled. However, he's willing n open to the option of additional contracts to be drawn up to construct such desires. Wendi doesn't offer transportation or driving services, nor is she licensend to administer health care.

We're a couple who has a sincere desire to own and establish a small piece of this beautiful country with not only the fruits of our labor but to also lend a helping hand to someone in need. Someone who has trouble or simply can't implement the improvisions wanted or needed in their daily tasks. We're polite n earth~friendly, providing safe n reliable interaction, going above the call of professional expectations. We personalize with our itinerary, which only builds trust and positivity in the relationship at hand.

If you desire a list of references, we both have several n are willing to make those available upon contact.

Elderly or disabled are preferred, simply because its our desire to implement our services to someone who once was able to move n maintain, but has lost that ability due to age n health. Someone who will sincerely appreciate our dedicated work ethics, as well as our badge of integrity.

If interested PLEASE call or email us at :



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