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Hire me to write for you or be your assistant/consultant in writing assignments

  • Publish Date: 01-08-2018 12:21:44 |
  • Contact: Ilda |
  • Location: New York |
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My name is Ilda Dashi.

I currently live in New York City.

I am Freelance writer with a long and rich background in Journalism and writing fields.

I am the author of my first book "It is You searching for you" , a raw collection of reflections and poems about Life in all it's colors and shapes available at Amazon.

Poetry is my master but I do have writing experiences for blogs, websites in subjects I find interesting like motivation, inspiration, psychological article and spiritual ones.

I have experience with short accademic writings/assignments for school or university in subjects that I find interest working at.

I can be your consultant or assistant if you have any writing project and need help to give shape to your ideas.

I can offer your my skills and quality time to improve your writing skills or write for your blog or website as mentions above.

If interested please drop me a text message anytime.

Also if you have questions about my work or skills or any other requirement please feel free to ask me.

Thank you


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