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Building a 400+/- wooden fence around our garden, also works as windbreak. - $1600

  • Publish Date: 03-15-2024 16:07:41 |
  • Contact: Emily Hufschmidt |
  • Location: New Mexico 88260 |
  • Place: Unicorn Acres, Lovington, NM |
  • 64 times displayed |

We have probably bitten off more than we can chew, building an 8 foot fence, because we are both in our late sixties. We forgot we aren't 25 anymore!

We need a healthy non-drinker, non tobacco smokers preferred.

We have already dug 15 holes and planted and leveled 15 fence posts.

We have an auger on our little tractor, so no manual fence holes needed, yay!

I realize that the sum of money I've offered may not be sufficient. We also have skills and items that we can barter.

I'd also like a frame with a real door installed on my cats' shed, so I can feel safe while I'm working, especially if my partner is gone.

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