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Used Log Splitter Barreto 920LSH - $2250

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The Barreto log splitter is the industrial standard explicitly built for the demands of the rental market. This splitter is built to endure with a 790 lb. frame, a high carbon wear-alloy wedge, and a 6″ x 25 lb. wide flange beam. The knife plate features high-wear nylon pads. Torsion axle suspension reduces bounce and improves tracking and tow-ability when transporting. A log cradle is designed to lock out of the way when using the splitter in the vertical position. A rubber bump stop protects the splitter when transitioning from steep to horizontal, and spring-loaded lock bars secure the splitter in place. The engine is mounted on rubber isolators to protect from vibration when towing or operating. Safety is standard with a mandatory two-handed control system, cushion-mounted log cradle, and spring-loaded cleaning wedge. A torsion axle design provides a smooth towing experience and reduces wear. Fenders and tail lights are available to meet individual state trailer towing requirements. This splitter features a powder-coated finish, a hydraulic intake screen, and a protected oil filter to decrease maintenance. The industrial-grade frame, reinforced foot, and rubber-mounted components reduce many of the maintenance issues log splitters often present. The sizeable hydraulic oil reservoir ensures the machine runs efficiently and keeps the cylinder and other hydraulic components from overheating. This splitter was designed for longevity and was built to endure the abuse of the seasons.

  • Rugged, heavy-duty design
  • Two handed control provides operational safety
  • Log cradle locks out of the way when splitting in the vertical position
  • Spring loaded wedge cleaner keeps hands clear of operation area
  • Torsion axle suspension
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