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PEARL EASY HAMMER CART/TROLLEY FOR Bosch, Milwaukee,Makita,Hitachi,Dewalt,Hilti.

Deal for removing tile, vinyl and wood flooring using heavy-duty chisel or asphalt cutter.
Adjustable trolley for tile removal eliminates struggling with heavy jack hammers.
Utilizes 35 lb. breaker for maximum impact and productivity.
5 different positions suitable for most demolition jobs.
Fast and easy removal on a variety of flooring tiles; thin-set, vinyl, wood, cork and more.

The Pearl Easy Hammer Trolley carries the weight of the demolition hammer, allowing the user to remove floor tiles, vinyl, cork, and residue more efficiently and safely from concrete and wooden surfaces. It can also be used when breaking rocks, blocks, concrete, and sandstone. The ergonomic design with built-in shock absorption reduces operator fatigue, back strain, and the incidence of injuries. Innovative Trolley Makes Demolition Easier!


Easily Adjust the Hammer 20 to 80 Degrees for the Perfect Angle! Easy Hammer.

  • Demolition Hammer not included
  • Innovative Trolley Makes Demolition Easier
  • The Pearl Easy Hammer Trolley carries the weight of the demolition hammer
  • Ergonomic design with built-in shock absorption reduces operator fatigue
  • Remove floor-tiles, vinyl, cork and residue from concrete and wooden surfaces

Designed to Hold the Most Popular Demolition Hammers.
Bosch 1135K
Milwaukee 5337-21
Makita HM1317CB/HM1307CB
Hitachi H65SD2
Dewalt D25960K
Hilti TE1000/TE1500

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