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Blackhawk Shark 2 Electronic Measuring System Price: $4000

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Blackhawk Shark 2 Electronic Measuring System  Price: $4000Blackhawk Shark 2 Electronic Measuring System  Price: $4000

The Shark Measuring System
The Blackhawk Shark is the universal electronic measuring system that uses ultrasonic technology to achieve a 3 dimensional overview of vehicle damage by comparing gathered data to the systems manufacturer data base.
The system can be used with any jig system and also as a diagnostic/estimating tool in conjunction with a 2 post lift.
Still the best computerized Measuring System on the Market
Compatible with all straightening systems
Measuring of chassis during the straightening process
Can be used in diagnosis with a 2 post lift
Automatic and constant verification of vehicle position
Measuring of vehicles with mechanics in or out
No vehicle underbody manipulations required as soon as the Shark is installed
Measures up to 12 test points simultaneously every 1.5 seconds
Guidance to measuring points with digital photos and drawings
Clear and precise indicators show the direction to pull giving a 3 dimensional evolvement during straightening
Printed proof of the vehicle dimensions before and after repair

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