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Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice Synthesizer Price: $2000

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Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice Synthesizer Price: $2000Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice Synthesizer Price: $2000

This is the grandaddy of all analog polyphonic synthesizers. Nothing sounds as warm and fat as this guy is! I am the original owner purchasing this synth new in 1978. I have always taken good care of it and it has been recently calibrated and given a once over and clean bill of health by the only technician who has maintained it for the last 34 years. It works perfectly and sounds awesome! The case has some minor scuffs but otherwise this is in great shape. You can see in the last photo I still have the original owner's manual, and the cassette with factory presets that came with the synth as well. Its been sitting in a non-smoking environment and is ready to make you smile every time you play it.
I hate to part with this one, but my wife says I am becoming a keyboard collector (true enough -parted with the big ol' Hammond, Leslie, Wurlie, etc. still have the Minimoog and this one]. :-) And as we have a 3 year-old very curious son running around, this would be best suited to be in a studio or somewhere with someone who can appreciate its sonic power and abilities.
Probably if you are looking at this ad you already know about this beast and how incredible it sounds, but if not a thumb-nail sketch: Oberheim only made about 800 of these between 1974-79. Each voice has its own module each containing all analog synthesis with 2- voltage controlled oscillators per voice module and with some external programming capability. There is a two-pole multimode VCF, VCA, two ASR envelope generators, and one LFO. Memory contains 16 presets, VCO:8 (sawtooth, square or pulse), LFO:4, Portamento, Vibrato,VCF(bandpass, lowpass, notch, highpass) . You can hear used this on every song on the Grand Illusion album by Styx.
A big step forward after the initial Oberheim SEM and Two Voice synthesizers came from the bigger and better Four Voice. Four dual-oscillator SEM modules each with its own filters and envelopes are joined together along with a simple analog mixer and 49-note keyboard to give you a polyphonic/polytonal Obie-beast!
This combination gives you eight oscillators and four voices of polyphony because there are basically four discrete mono-synths all connected together. This has its pros and cons. What is cool is that this was a lot of simultaneous voices for the mid-seventies. And the ability to craft a different sound on each voice led to some diverse and complex sounds. However, it also meant you have to program each voice independently. Each voice also has its own independent audio output.
The Polyphonic Synthesizer Programmer, released in 1976 and added to the Four Voice stores 16 patches per voice (all of which can be different). The Four Voice could accommodate an additional four SEMs, making it just like the Eight Voice model which officially appeared in 1977.

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