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The novels written by multi genre author Joel Goulet

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The novels written by multi genre author Joel Goulet

Joel Goulet has been writing novels
since 2000. His captivating, descriptive style of writing delivers believable,
likeable, or hated characters, and intriguing stories in countries around the
world. Go back in time to when Tut was Pharoh. Rome was under siege while
protected by a young Swiss Guard. Strange events were happening within
clandestine agencies of the government. A marshal was holding back outlaws with
his demise planned. A roaring car on a bloody high-speed rampage. A young man
unable to die. A serial killer terrorizing two continents. A series with a
family with gifted powers from beyond this world. Novels in the formats of e-Books,
paperback, and hardcover, are available in several countries depending upon
title and format. E-BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE. Novels are in the genres of
suspense, mystery, western, horror, science fiction, and historical
fiction/romance. Prices start at $3.

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