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City Directory 1987 offer Books

City Directory 1987


City Directory 1987 Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo..$25. 727-642-1154...

You  believe you're trapped in that piece of paper that it has some sort of power over you  offer Books

You believe you're trapped in that piece of paper that it has some sort of power over you


Man can't be controlled by words on paper but a man with diminished capacity can. ...

The Calvin & Hobbes collection offer Books

The Calvin & Hobbes collection


Lazy Sunday book the authoritative Calvin & Hobbes soft cover the authoritative Calvin & Hobbes hard cover the revenge of the baby sat the tenth anniversary book ...

Santa Claus:  Takes On Hurricane Irma  offer Books

Santa Claus: Takes On Hurricane Irma


Santa see’s Elvis and Iffy Elf walking towards him Santa says get ready we’re going for one night only in the middle of summer, help with cleanup from the Hurricane Irma bringing enough trail...

PLAYBOY offer Books



In Clearwater 26 Playboy Mag. from 1986 -1989 all in excellent condition. $100.00...

Playboy offer Books



26 Playboy Mags. going back to 1986All in excellent condition...

The St. Croix Matter offer Books

The St. Croix Matter


Let me tell you about The St. Croix Matter, an interesting and intriguing love story unfolding amid a devious attempt to push a club owner into defaulting on his mortgage. It is set in the Caribbean. ...

Teacher books and supplies offer Books

Teacher books and supplies


Kindergarten to 2nd grade Teacher Instructional Materials and Supplies. A career’s worth of items for sale. Items for learning centers, file folder activities and games, alternatives to worksheet...

Collectible cars offer Books

Collectible cars


3 books about cars. 1)complete book of collectible cars 1930-1980. 2)cars of the fabulous ‘50s 3)Detroit cars 50 years of the Motor city. All three books are in used but fair condition. $10 for al...

Tarzan offer Books



1 Tarzan of the Apes3 The Beasts of Tarzan7 Tarzan the Untamed8 Tarzan the Terrible9 Tarzan and the Golden Lion10 Tarzan and the Ant Men19 Tarzan's QuestSavage PellucidarThe Mad KingThe Moon Mai...

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