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in need offer Service Wanted

in need

Service Wanted

need a helper to make phone calls, and come up with ideas to support human rights complaints, and support me in speaking to the mayor on social issues. i am on disability and homeless, but am willing ...

Assemble A Garden Greenhouse offer Service Wanted

Assemble A Garden Greenhouse

Service Wanted

Need a Person Who can assemble a Garden Greenhouse in Pickerung. The greenhouse nKit is A O-Grow Mdl 466, 4 x 6 Ft. ...

grass cuter offer Service Wanted

grass cuter

Service Wanted

Looking for someone to cut my grass with my own lawnmoyer. In Montreal (Ville St. Laurent) , Quebec H4M1S1. ...

Ridge 300 portable threading machine  offer Service Wanted

Ridge 300 portable threading machine

Service Wanted

Wanted to purchase a threading machine ASAP. RETIRED PLUMBER wanting to make some items for my wife as mine was stolen from my yard. ...

Hockey Rink Flyer Distribution offer Service Wanted

Hockey Rink Flyer Distribution

Service Wanted

Looking for persons to deliver flyer about Hockey Blade Tip Protectors to cars at rinks in Vernon, Salmon Arm, Kelowna and KamloopsPay is about $20/hr but depends upon distribution...

Dog walker offer Service Wanted

Dog walker

Service Wanted

Professional dog walker available in Kitsalano area. Very flexible schedule. I adore dogs and love taking care of them! $20/hour...

Curtain Rod Installation offer Service Wanted

Curtain Rod Installation

Service Wanted

Looking for a person who has experience or is skilled in installing curtain rods immediately. Price: NegotiablePreferred Days: WeekendsPlease contact me if interested. ...

CJ Concrete Restoration; Residential / Commercial Renovation offer Service Wanted

CJ Concrete Restoration; Residential / Commercial Renovation

Service Wanted

Tired of trying to find someone to do good work in your home or around your house? Look no further.! I'm a registered contractor that does renovations of all kind inside or outside: To name a few:: Ro...

Looking for people that want to study Japanese. offer Service Wanted

Looking for people that want to study Japanese.

Service Wanted

I want to teach a couple individual Japanese for free. I feel it would be good practise for me to begin teaching. Anyone interested just send me an email!!!...

Add  Content  to  Websites offer Service Wanted

Add Content to Websites

Service Wanted

I have websites hosted and domain provided. You enter your content, your product(s) you are selling we split profits ... a win-win. Email me for details and/or comments...

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