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  • Publish Date: 09-06-2018 09:16:43 |
  • Contact: Pilgrim (see all posting) |
  • Location: Portland 97212 |
  • Place: Alameda area of NE PDX |
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My wife
and I purchased this piano new from Paul at Cascade

Piano in 1996. My daughter plunked her way thru about 6 months of lessons and

moved on to other things.

The piano is a medium brown satin
finish and comes with a

matching Yamaha Stool.

I know very little about music
and nothing about pianos.

But, I have consistently been told that the Yamaha pianos of Japanese

manufacture were far superior to the US version.

The piano has not been moved
around, it has been in this house since new and has had next to no use. There
is no “dip” in the hammer felts and only a very faint discoloration from the
strings. Near perfect sound after 15 years of no use or tuning.

In cars there are rare things
called “garage queens”. If there are such things in pianos, thismight be one.

Please contact me thru craigslist.

Thank You, Pilgrim

Tags: piano | yamaha

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