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Responsible Mature Couple Looking For Furnished Apartment/Room Rental in UTC/San Diego Under $1500 Per Month

  • Publish Date: 01-02-2018 15:19:10 |
  • Contact: Frederick Harden III |
  • Location: San Diego 92198 |
  • 512 times displayed |

My spouse and I are in-between homes. Ideally, we'd like to rent a fully furnished apartment/room with a private bath with a verbal commitment for six months to one year and with a firm month-to-month rental. We're currently in Sewickley, PA a tony suburb of Pittsburgh, PA visiting our daughter and her family. We plan on returning to southern CA promptly probably around January 15th or very shortly thereafter. We're both a retired couple, and we're out and about each and every day and we'd invariably be returning to the premises in the late afternoon or early evening. We are nonsmokers and we don't have any pets. We look forward, therefore, to hearing from you at your earliest convenience to discuss further particulars/viable possibilities. Thanks...

Cordially yours,

P.S. Please confirm the monthly rent on your premises plus proof that you either own the premises or that you have a bona fide lease on the premises plus any other particulars you/we deem appropriate such as the specific address/condo/apt#, [important] is there access to a TV, refrigerator, microwave, size of bed etc. Accordingly, please provide ample photos wherever applicable/feasible...Thanks.

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