Construction Jobs Are Hiring

Many construction job posts are showing up on our online job board recently. Companies are hiring roofers, carpenters, electricians, concrete finishers, painters, etc. If you have those skills, good news, you are in demand. Check out our Construction Jobs section for construction employment opportunities in your area.

If you are a skilled worker seeking employment in construction industry, expect the following median salaries for different construction jobs:

Electrician: $51K per year, $25 per hour
Plumber: $51K per year, $24 per hour
Carpenter: $41K per year, $20 per hour
Concrete Finisher: $37K per year, $18 per hour
Roofer: $37K per year, $18 per hour
Painter: $36K per year, $17 per hour

If you are considering starting a career in construction trades, the good news is that jobs in this industry are expecting double digit growth and none requires a four year college degree.