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S & R Scrap Removal Service

  • Publish Date: 12-07-2017 09:50:15 |
  • Contact: Shawn D. Edwards |
  • Location: Arkansas 72823 |
  • Place: 2266 North Shore Rd. Atkins Arkansas |
  • 106 times displayed |

Im shawn Edwards formally from st. James Missouri. I am in the business of trying to make sure that the state i live in stays as clean as it can be.

I haul off every type of metal including barb wire. I only charge a fuel fee for one way and different distances cost different prices.

On cars i can usually find a way to get them hauled off but the only way i am able to pay for a junk car is by hauling it in and returning to your location with the receipt and then i pay you 40% of what it brought.

I have names and numbers of clients in Missouri that have referred me to lots of different people and businesses to haul off the scrap.

Give me a call anytime @

1-573-263-9945 or text me and I can let you know what the fuel cost is and set up a time to come by and pick up what ever you want gone.

Items i can haul off,

Appliances, copper, brass, aluminum, cars, metal boats, all types of metal fencing, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, and flat screen LED/LCD tvs

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