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Will pay you $4,000 to help me find the job

  • Publish Date: 11-21-2017 13:55:52 |
  • Contact: Ed Gray |
  • Location: Alberta |
  • Place: Edmonton |
  • 467 times displayed |

Down on my luck. I recently lost the marketing contract job that kept bringing a paycheque on the table. Not having EI or anything and having six mouths to feed, I need something quick, and I got the proposal that may be a win-win for everyone.

I know sending resumes is same as playing a lotery, chances to land a good job without the intriduction by someone are very slim. So, I am willing to pay for that introduction.

I am 45 years old, university educated, I do have a Sciatica Nerve Pain but I am not disabled where I am good for nothing. I can do moderate physical work and am known to always pull my own weight. I have close to 25 years of sales and management experience. I am expereinced graphic designer, am realy good with technology (from computers to web development to SEO, AdWords, Social Media Management and more). I can effectively manage and motivate people and am known as an able and effective coach who is well respected by his teammates and who builds winning teams that can overachieve on every ocassion.

I am looking for manager position (can manage small or big teams), marketing, inside sales, anything that I am qualified to do. I do not mind starting at the bottom and working my way up, I will turn no job down and I will always achieve or exceed what is expected of me. I do not believe in sick days and am always punctual and prompt, the first to arrive an last to leave.

If you know anyone that is hiring or needing a trustworthy, reliable person, I will pay generously for your introduction. I will pay you 10% of my net pay cheque for up to 12 months or as long as I am employed with the company (whichever comes first). I prefer regular employment but will consider a contract work. I am open to comission work but there has to be some base to it so I can feed my family while I learn and adjust to the business. I prefer management position but will work anything including inside sales and eventually outside sales (once I learn and am comfortable with the product or service I am representing).

Help find, this old dog a new master and get yourselfsome nice dough in the process. Let me know what you have and if it is a fit, I will let you know and we will meet to discuss and sign up a formal agreement. I will provide you with my resume, references, discuss with you what I did work in the past, I have no secrets, if you have any questions, just ask. Please email me to egray3831@yahoo.com for confidentiality reasons obviously, I do not want to give you my phone number until I know you first.

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