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TESLA TYPE NOVALITE 2000 Photon Machine - $4950 (DALLAS)

Publish Date: 07-16-2013 08:13:43 | Contact name: Maria Vosselmann | Location: Dallas | Place: DALLAS | 152 times displayed |

The Novalite 2000 provides a rich, electromagnetic field to the user. During each session, you are bathed in electromagnetic field to the user. During these sessions, you are bathed in a natural micro-current energy that ciculates throughout the body producing a rich and positive electromagnetic field to the user...It is designed to generate high frequency high voltage light emitting frequency signatures. It produces heat, light and noise and yet harmlessly passes through human tissue. This machine possesses qualities unlike any other RF or EMF device. It is capable of producing complex wave forms with accompanying harmonic fields of energy......VIBE Machine (a very similar bioelectromagnetics machine, selling for an astonishing $18,000PLUS....The Novalite 2000
will clear the passages," particularly lymphatic; and will increase energy after the first few sessions; progressive and marked improvement in sight perception (not necessarily connected to any improvement in vision); etc.

Plasma Light Frequency Generators, such as the Novalite 2000 , are to be used for investigational purposes only. I makes no claims about Cancer cures whatsoever and the suitability of this machine for any particular purpose, nor assumes responsibility for any other medical claims.....

Commonly Asked Questions::::::::
1. What is the Novalite 2000 Photon Machine?
A light frequency generator driven by a tuned Tesla Coil that allows light therapy
to penetrate within the body in the following ways for pain relief and pain
1. Increase circulation and oxygen flow, while releasing toxins.
2. Stimulate acupuncture points throughout the body, releasing any blockages
that may hinder the healing process, thereby facilitating realignment.
3. Maintain balance in the bio-magnetic field around the body, thereby
strengthening the immune system and making the body more resistant to
2. What is the difference between the Novalite 2000 Photon Machine and the Rife light emitting devices?
Some "Rife technology" --- (and we use the term loosely to describe the use of
generated electromagnetic frequencies in a therapeutic setting, as there are no
formal standards to really refine just what Rife technology really is) has been
shown to be effective in the area of pain management and the healing arts. Yes,
some Rife devices use light tubes are generally composed of a mixture of argon
and neon in a single gas tube. This is often combined with a frequency generator
used to pulse the light frequencies. The Novalite 2000 Photon Machine utilizes 12 gases
that cover a full spectrum of light frequencies driven by a tuned Tesla Coil to help
drive the frequencies in to the body.
3. How is the Novalite 2000 Photon Machine used?
You simply sit or lay anywhere from one to four feet from the light emitting
"crown" of the Tesla Photon Machine and activate the machine by turning the
Timer / Power Switch to the right until it stops. Then relax
while the crown is emitting light and EM frequencies. We recommend removing
any metal jewelry (necklaces, watches, rings, etc. . .) and remove any metal
objects from the area where treatment is to occur.
4. What is the recommended usage per day?
We recommend a maximum of 2--4 minute treatments twice a day with a detox
time of 4 to 6 hours between sessions. For maintenance purposes, many users
simply elect to go with one session per day.
5. How long can the Novalite 2000 be operated continuously?
This machine can be used numerous times daily but only at a maximum of 4
minute intervals. With a minimum of 15 minutes between treatments. Give
yourself time to let the body respond and heal.
6. Can you instantly feel the effects of the treatment?
Those who are extremely sensitive may feel the effects being generated from the
machine. These people are the exception not the rule. It is not necessary to feel
the effects but rather experience the healing powers.
7. What are the risks associated with the use of the Novalite 2000 Photon Machine?
There are no known risks or side effects associated with the use of this machine.
8. Besides using this Photon Machine what else would you recommend?
Drink distilled water before and after treatment we believe that control of the body
chemistry is critical to eliminating a disease and also to keep it from returning at a
later date. It is important to implement a detoxification and basic nutritional
program for your overall health. Common "side effects" of not resting and/or
drinking plenty of water between treatments is mild headache and swelling of the
lymph glands --- which lymph glands depends on the individual.
9. Is their a set number of treatments that fit all subjects?
No, you have to take into account that we are all different and therefore have
different response rates. We have found that a minimum of 1-2 minutes twice
daily or a maximum of 3-4 minutes twice daily is more than sufficient.....

To U.S. Users: Neither the material on this page nor the Novalite 2000 Photon machine itself have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This device is experimental and designed for research purposes only. It is not sold in this country with the intent to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease.

http://www.altcancer.net/docs/BEMRationale.pdf (17 page report on this technology)




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